Fussy eatingExplore new foods away from family mealtimes. Too often we introduce new foods ready cooked, served up on the plate – a bit of a fait accompli.  This kind of pressure can create a feeling of anxiety in a sensitive child.  Take the time to explore new foods away from the table and treat it as a bit of fun.  Use all the senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing as well as taste.  For example, explore a kiwi fruit by:

–       stroking and feeling its’ hairy skin

–       brush it against the side of your face

–       listen to what it sounds like when you rub the skin next to your ear

–       cut it open widthways and see the seed formation

–       cut it open lengthways and notice how the seed formation differs

–       what shapes and patterns can you see?

–       how does it feel – is it squidgy between the fingers?

–       and finally, very much finally – how does it taste?

–       peel it, slice it up or simply cut the top off and use a spoon.

Some foods are soft and squidgy – some are hard and crunchy.  Just explore and have fun.