My story started a few years’ back when as a single mum with three young children and a full-time career running my own Montessori School, I realised life was starting to feel like a tight elastic band about to snap.

Things were stressful, exhausting and “success” meant nothing more than being able to get through the week, so I could get up on Monday morning and start it all over again. It was clear I was missing out on life and in order to preserve my sanity, I decided to sell my business, take stock of life and use the money to ‘invest in myself’.

I knew I enjoyed helping people, children in particular, to achieve new things and I had a keen interest in understanding how our minds work.  So in 1999, I began working and studying Developmental Psychology at The Anna Freud Centre in London.

A couple of years’ later, I took my studies a step further and trained to be a Psychotherapist with hypnosis. I didn’t know very much about Hypnotherapy at the time and frankly, thought it all a bit wacky but the more I found out about it, the more hooked I became.  It struck me as being one of the safest and most natural of all therapies and I could even see the potential of using it with children.  Quite simply – mind over matter.

I set up my own practice and then in 2004 I was asked to join a clinic in London’s Harley Street.  I also came across ‘NLP’ or Neuro-Linguistic Programming and made one of the best decisions of my life – to train as a Practitioner.  I was very lucky in being able to do this with some of the best NLP trainers in the world, one of which was Paul McKenna – I went on to assist him with his training seminars for many years.

It was during this time that life started to turn around for me. I realised that most of us look back at the end of our time on this planet and see a life that’s defined by what we didn’t do, rather than what we did do.  So many of us have ideas and dreams that we simply don’t act upon and I decided that I didn’t want it to be like that for me.

I hate seeing people – children in particular – struggling with their problems, when I know there are simple, easy solutions available.  So, over the years, as my Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching practice has blossomed, I’ve endeavoured to spread the word and help as many people as possible.

In 2009, I created the “Stop Bedwetting in 7 days” programme – it’s available as a Book with a free mp3 and also as an online Video Programme. You see, I was seeing so many bedwetting children in my practice and I understood how miserable this problem made them – how it stopped them from doing ordinary things that most children take for granted, such as have sleepovers with friends and go on school trips.  My programme is now a best-seller around the world and is recommended by NHS paediatricians across the country. It’s truly heart-warming to receive emails from parents telling me I’ve literally changed their children’s lives.

A few years later, Simon & Schuster, one of the world’s biggest publishers, asked me to produce an easy-to-read manual about NLP.  This was something I’d long wanted to do – explain the complicated jargon of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a way that enables ordinary, everyday people to get help and solutions into their lives more easily.  Whether it’s overcoming stress, anxiety, fears and phobias; sorting out a lack of motivation or procrastination; bad habits such as fingernail biting, smoking or eating too many chocolate biscuits – there’s something for everyone in this book.  It was one of my proudest moments when “Fix Your Life with NLP” hit the shops in 2012 and again, I love knowing that I’ve made this psychological know-how more accessible.

My latest book, published in 2015 is “Words that Work – How to Get Kids to Do Almost Anything”.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it’s not – and you can discover how easy it really can be by downloading the first chapter completely for FREE by filling in one of the boxes you’ll see on this website.  I know how hard it is to be a parent, or a teacher for that matter, but I also know that using the clever techniques and strategies of NLP (along with a sprinkle of hypnotic influence), will make relationships with children so much better.

Today, I’m a qualified NLP Trainer and I share my knowledge and expertise by speaking and organising workshops and training events for schools, colleges and parents all around the country.

Like most people, my life still has its’ ups and downs but NLP has taught me a valuable lesson:  We can’t always change life on the “outside” but by making changes on the ‘inside’, we can put ourselves in a more resourceful and creative state that leads to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Today, my children are all grown-up and I’ve found a career that truly inspires and interests me.  I can’t turn back the years, but I can put all the challenging moments of my life to good use.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than showing people how to fulfill their potential using the shortcuts and techniques I’ve learnt along the way.

Keep well, stay happy and keep learning new things!


“Alicia has a real gift for communicating complex ideas in a way that makes them easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I highly recommend her work.”

Michael Neill – Hollywood Supercoach and Best Selling Author

My qualifications and Training:

  • Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (2002-03)
  • Licensed Trainer of NLP – Society of NLP (2013)
  • Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist (2006) and Master NLP Practitioner (2004) licensed by the Society of NLP.  (Trained by Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna — as well as Assistant to Paul McKenna on his seminars for several years.)
  • Mindfulness training – Oxford University Mindfulness Centre – Teaching Mindfulness in Non-clinical Settings; Teaching Mindfulness to Groups (2014)
  • Diploma in Gastric Band Hypnotherapy (2011)
  • Thought Field Therapy Practitioner (Roger Callahan’s TFT Association) (2004)
  • AMI trained Montessori Teacher (1993-94)
  • National Centre for Eating Disorders – Binge-eating and Childhood Obesity specialist training (2008)
  • Specialist NLP training – for overcoming problems with dyslexia, spelling, reading, concentration and memory (2008)
  • Coaching skills – personally coached and trained by Michael Neill (author of best-selling ‘You Can Have What You Want’) on his Success Coaching, Coaching Mastery and Effortless Success programmes. (2007-2008)
  • Senior Qualification awarded by General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (2009)
  • Registered Member of:  GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register); NCP (National Council of Psychotherapists); ISMA (International Stress Management Association); ANLP (Association of NLP)